After making the the forestry related short film ”If I Fall” (2007), I’ve been more or less keeping an eye on what’s been going on in the forest industry scene. As being haunted for ”If I Fall” film lacking the critical view on the Forest Industry situation, I started actively planning a sequel to ”If I Fall”– from a more straight forward angle. In the beginning of 2009 I got the news that Kyröskoski sawmill – where we shot ”If I Fall” was shut down because of the economic crisis. That gave a quite natural push to continue the story of Kaarina, the Finnish sawmill worker.

The film ”Catching” has been shot in September 2009, during a residency period held by Centro Rural de Arte, in 25 de Mayo City, Argentina. The recidency took place in Estacion Forestal, (INTA), were the film was shot with the help of the local forest workers. As a vital part of the filmmaking process, actress Tanja Heinänen was working in normal circumstances with the local forest workers during the period. The rural environment gave inspiring surroundings for the new story of Kaarina.

We were informed about the recidency via the Finnish Embassy in Argentina, that announced to be willing to support the travel costs of any Finnish artist that are possibly selected to the recidency that combines art and forestry. The embassy was interested in the project as to cure the Finnish reputation regarding problems with Botnia. After we’d gotten selected and contacted the embassy, we found out that the embassy didn’t actually have any money to give us. Also later the embassy was unable to support the Recidency’s catalogue made for the International Forest convention in Buenos Aires, as the embassy couldn’t be sure that “Catching” would become a politically correct film. We have also been unlucky with other tries of getting funding for this straightforward fiction film.

The film’s aim is not to attack any Finnish – or partly Finnish – forest related companies, or to offend any politicians, nations or any embassies.

We’re happy to thank all the workers in Estacion Forestal, and and Centro Rural de Arte for organizing the recidency period, and also all the support given by other artists taking part of the AIR-recidency.

-Hannaleena Hauru


Photo: Tanja Heinänen in the short film ”If I Fall”. Back the Kyröskoski sawmill, closed for function in January 2009.)


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